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Our Roots

We decided to start this site to:

  • To explain what 5G is

  • Help spread awareness of the roll-out of 5G in Merton and indeed the whole of the UK.  

  • What it means for people in terms of their health, environment and communities

  • News of any events in Merton or nearby related to 5G 


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Behold the vision!

Source: DCMS- Next Generation Mobile Technologies: An update to the 5G


All you need to know is unlike previous generations of network it will be deployed in the millimetre-wave spectrum with cells operating frequencies at or above 24 GHz.

If you're into being a bit techie...

Unlike those previous generations of mobile network, 5G is unlikely to be defined by any single form of technology. It’s often referred to as "the network of networks" for the way it will bind together multiple existing and future standards, including current advanced LTE (4G) networks. On a more general level, however, it will increasingly be defined by the use of higher radio frequencies. It's meant to deliver faster download speeds and lower latency meaning it is more responsive to user input, for instance during game-play.

Apart from 24 GHz, government also intends to start work on making 66-71 GHz band available.

Other spectrum bands are also planned to be used for 5G: 700 MHz being suitable for providing coverage over a wide geographical area and 3.4 GHz, which has a much shorter range but can support faster data transfers than 700 MHz.


According to The Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) there is broad consensus that commercial rollout of 5G in the UK should begin by 2020, with competition likely to drive the mobile market to initially provide enhanced mobile broadband services.

Digital connectivity part of the government's industrial strategy. DCMS says it wants the “UK to become a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.” 5G is a big part of this, so let's say they are pretty keen on it.


  1. Extending mobile coverage to 95% of UK geography.

  2. The Government’s 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme- tax-payer funded R&D basically 

  3. Working out how private investment in 5G can be encouraged/made easier

  4. Working with Local Government to make sites available for deployment of infrastructure and to deliver the levels of connectivity which reflect the need of local areas (not defined) via the Local Connectivity Group

  5. Developing future-focused spectrum policy to help ensure that spectrum is allocated in a way that supports the Government's mobile ambitions

  6. New cross-government, barrier-busting task force (don't mess!), which will be working with industry, local authorities and Ofcom to address barriers to the deployment of digital infrastructure.


Our health, mainly

My concern was sparked by the U.S. senate hearing on 6 Feb 2019, Richard Blumenthal asked wireless industry representatives whether there are any health implications of 5G, which due to its much shorter wavelength frequency will require potentially millions of transmitters to be added closer to homes, schools, workplaces (currently there are 200,000 4G transmitters in the US). 

Earlier in Dec 2018 he requested studies to be provided on the safety of the technology to be demonstrated. Nothing was provided. The industry representatives confirmed to the senator that there has been no funding of independent studies and no independent industry-backed research has taken place regarding the safety of 5G for the public. Blumenthal concluded “we're flying blind in terms of health and safety is concerned”.

The UK Health Protection Agency rode to the rescue when I was hoping for some good news. In April 2012 it published “Health Effects from Radio frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Report of the independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation” It found that there was no consistent evidence that warrants concern. 

The American Cancer Society (ACS) also says fears around radio frequency waves (yep including 5G) are largely baseless:

“Cellphones work by sending signals to (and receiving them from) nearby cell towers using RF waves. This is a form of electromagnetic energy that falls between FM radio waves and microwaves. Like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat, RF waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation. They don’t have enough energy to cause cancer by directly damaging the DNA inside cells. RF waves are different from stronger (ionizing) types of radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet (UV) light, which can break the chemical bonds in DNA,” the ACS explains. “At very high levels, RF waves can heat up body tissues. But the levels of energy given off by cellphones are much lower, and are not enough to raise temperatures in the body.” 

This is echoed by industry which says 5G is harmless because it is below the thermal threshold, i.e the waves do not heat our body. Recent studies have been done on the health effects of RF below the thermal threshold and negative results have been found in the studies.

In 2016 the largest study to date on mobile phones and cancer, the $25M National Toxicology study in the US found a link between mobile phone radiation and cancer. Scientists found the increased risk at radiation exposure levels similar to what’s deemed safe by the U.S. government. In the rat study, the mobile phone radiation raised levels of brain cancer and a rare heart tumour, there was clear evidence for the latter-malignant schwannomas (the document by the way only reviewed these 2 aspects of heath risk). Risk increased with higher radiation exposure. 

Yes, more research needs to be done before we can definitely say mobile phone radiation causes cancer in humans. The question is, should we be exposed to ever higher levels in the meantime? This study looked at RF emitted by 2 and 3G mobiles, it didn't include the additional exposure of 4 and 5G.

The 2012 assessment of the UK Health Protection Agency that “ there was no consistent evidence that warrants concern.” is now on shaky ground. The Ramazzini Institute (RI) study in 2017 also found results consistent with the NTP study: An increase in the incidence of very rare highly malignant tumours—schwannomas of the heart. It also reported a decrease in litter weights in the RFR exposed groups . These effects are now considered a reproducible finding. Again, these findings occurred at non-thermal levels, the RFR exposures were at levels the U.S govt considers allowable, yet a statistically significant increase in malignancies was found.


5G's requirement for a huge number of transmitters and our government's strategy for at least 95% 5G connectivity in the UK, represents a massive step change in EM radiation. At the moment, there is an option to move away or some distance from a transmitter, with 5G that wont exist. The allocation of high frequency wavelength to 5G means it can't travel far. So antennas will be placed every 10-12 houses and with 5G internet of things (IoT) where fridges and smart meters etc are sending and receiving signals that is a substantial increase in RF-EMF to all citizens and it will be added to 3 and 4G & WiFi. The studies mentioned show it has a cumulative effect over time.


  • What are your skills, what do you enjoy doing? Try to channel that into helping to bring sanity.

  • Talk to your friends and family. Listening is more important than talking I've found. What are they interested in? Trees, animals, family health, tech, food, privacy, democracy, community and friends? Talk to them with this in mind.

  • You'll need to get to know the topic yourself and know what is going on.  Be savvy/aware of how the issue is being muddied, (very reminiscent of how the smoking debate in relation to health was messed with, so there was needless prolonged uncertainty around it).  

  • Read the 5G and the Precautionary Principle document in the resources section of the site.

  • Let MPs and your local councillors know about the issue and the concerns raised by Senator Richard Blumenthal, Dr Joel Moskowitz, a public health professor at the University of California, and the 270 doctors and scientists from the International Society of Doctors that: “The deployment of 5G, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species” 

  • I've noticed a tendency of senior officials using a faux certain and authoritative tone to make inaccurate statements, they also try to put people on the spot but if you know the info, are comfortable in your mind about it then you'll storm it!

No independent testing has been done, he effect on our health is unknown, 

the precautionary principle needs to be applied

Eric Van Rongen, Chair of ICNIRP [self-proclaimed international commission on non-ionizing radiation protection, but actually just a German NGO], the organisation whose non-transparent pronouncements on the international limits at which phones can emit radiofrequency are strangely adopted by UN bodies, calls 5G a public health experiment”, stating that “It will be necessary to gain more information about the exposure and any health problems that might come from an effect of that exposure”.  This is the body from which the UK government takes its lead.

An EU report admits that 5G is a massive experiment, lamenting that “it is not possible to accurately simulate or measure 5G emissions in the real world” and stating that “complex interference effects … may result, especially in dense urban areas

On learning that Montreal would serve as a “living laboratory” designed to test 5G technology (50-60K antennas planned for Montreal), Guy Boulianne calls it a criminal act and calls for a people’s movement to oppose the deployment of 5G in Montreal and elsewhere. François Croteau, Director of the “Smart” city project, said that this “urban laboratory” would “enable the different branches of public health, federal and provincial, to come in and do analyses to see the potential impacts on public health”, adding that the studies conducted to date on the subject had been “contradictory”.

Lloyds of London, whose business relies on precaution will not insure against 5G wireless claims.  Lloyd’s November 2010 Risk Assessment Team’s Report compares these wireless technologies with asbestos, in that the early research on asbestos was “inconclusive” and only later did it become obvious to anyone paying attention that asbestos causes cancer.

Any kind of transmitting wireless antennas such as those on cell towers, should not be near homes, schools, parks or hospitals. We need to switch to wired communications, reducing the need for wireless connections. Wired communication is higher quality, less vulnerable to cyber attacks and safer for human health because wired technology does not have radio frequency exposure.

Cece Doucette is very clear on wireless in schools well-informed, clear, does not browbeat: &

We ourselves are electromagnetic, our cells (communicate and reproduce electromagnetically, our heart and brain are electromagnetic). We, nor our local representatives should be bullied, pressured or ignored by central government's “barrier-busting task force”

The government has already introduced planning reforms in England which include a significant relaxation of restrictions on the siting and installation of small cells that will support both 4G and future 5G rollout.

So far government has:

  • legislated for additional permitted development rights for taller mobile masts;

  • removed the threshold for placing small cell antenna on commercial buildings/structures to support mobile rollout. 

  • brought into effect new building regulations which require all new buildings and existing buildings undergoing major renovations to have infrastructure capable of delivering superfast broadband greater than 30Mbps;


The problem is being recognised as shown by the video above, there is a lot of info in it but helpfully a transcript is available.  People are seeing both sides and are independently reaching the same conclusions.  Some local areas are keeping 5G cell towers out of their communities. City council members of Mill Valley in Northern California passed an ordinance in September 2018 to keep 5G transmitters from being deployed in residential areas. 

After firefighters began exhibiting health problems, The International Association of Firefighters began opposing installing cell towers on fire stations in San Francisco.

Dr. Gunnar Heuser, who orchestrated a pilot study on firefighters at a station with cell towers said the symptoms included “problems with memory, problems with intermittent confusion, problems with weakness.”

In the UK, Mark Steele, whose background is in weapons systems engineering, is campaigning against 5G microwave transmitters being put on street lights in Gateshead. The council in Gateshead applied for an injunction to limit what Mr Steele could post online about 5G. The case was heard in October 2018 by Judge Nolan and resulted in him refusing to 'gag' Steele adding “The public have a right to know”. After reading written evidence from Mr Steele. Judge Nolan declared Mark Steele as a credible expert and engineer on EMF and GSM technologies and instructed the council to address public concern regarding 5G.

How does Mark Steele with a background in weapons engineering know so much about 5G? Millimetre frequencies (5G) have the capacity to cause a severe burning sensation in the skin and are used by the U.S. Department of Defense in crowd control guns called Active Denial Systems.


Settle back with a cuppa and share if you like them



Music Video Dangers of 5G Words and Music by Jalalo Musicians: Jalalo, Steve Berry, Kamal Engels, Marley Berry-Pearce Featuring artwork of David Dees and Ria Sopala and photography of Lesa Corrine and Natyam Schraven Rally footage David Bradbury 5G Do Not Consent 5G was not my plea Was given no consultancy - No I Say No Just want freedom and harmony but it’s rolling out all over me - Whoa I Say No But we’re rising up across the world To say - We Do Not Consent We Say No … Do Not Consent For 5G they’re killing trees Endangering birds and the bees - Whoa We Say No Endangering our humanity - Whoa We Say No But we’re rising up across the world To say - We Do Not Consent We Say No … Do Not Consent Given what’s at stake We’re giving this our all Won’t leave it up to fate We’ll write it on the walls … (writing) We Say No We don’t want your smart cities Your IOT and LED’s - No We Say No It’s invasion of our privacy … We know And we say NO A lockdown of humanity And we do not consent We Say No … Do Not Consent Putting towers on our schools And hospitals … it’s just not cool - No We Say No Tell me is there any proof to say it’s safe We Say No We don’t need more radiation Leave our kids alone We Say No … Do Not Consent Mama says “NO” … Do Not Consent Papa says “NO” … Do Not Consent Kids say “NO” … Do Not Consent Grandma says “NO” Grandpa says “NO” Bees say “NO” We say “NO” INFO ON 5G --- ---- ----- ------ ------- -------- --------- ---------- Stop 5G Global (Public Group) What is 5G page Australia for Safe Technology (Closed Group) Stop5G 5G-Earth Under Attack --- ---- ----- ------ ------- -------- --------- ---------- RECOMMENDED FILMS Take Back Your Power The 5G Trojan Horse The 5G Dragnet 5G Apocalypse Generation Zapped Resonance Beings of Frequency ABC Catalyst - Wi Fried
Dr Timothy Schoechle  Victoria

Dr Timothy Schoechle Victoria

Dr. Schoechle “Reinventing wires – the future of land lines and networks ” Victoria, BC July 3rd 2019. Dr. Schoechle is a global expert on wired fibre networks, a member of the standards board of the IEEE, a former faculty member of the University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science and a senior research fellow at the National Institute for Law and Public policy. Dr. Schoechle is the author of the Institute's Reinventing Wires -the future of landlines and networks publication written for policy makers; particularly members of the US Congress and legislatoers across the US Approximately every 10 years sales of cell phones need to be rejuvinat4ed with the promotion of a new generation “G”of technology. 3G and 4G are already implemented and %G is in the early stages of being implemented. The deployment of each generation crates a large requirement for new hardware for both the industry and consumers. The financing of the networks requires a large influx of money from consumers to fund the deployment of the network required hardware such as the small cells /editcurrently being placed on seemingly every second utility pole. An executive summary of the report is The Internet has become one of the defining technologies of the modern world. Why has America, its creator, become one of its most impoverished users among all the developed nations in terms of the proportion of its people with Internet access and the speed and quality of that access? This report seeks to address these questions and propose answers and solutions. It explores the historical forces at play emerging technologies public policy choices and opportunities Internet access has been hijacked by commercial interests America down to 17th place among developed countries Dominated by a triopoly Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T Keeps access slow, scarce, and expensive Wired (regulated) networks disadvantaged and neglected Wire (fiber) money diverted to wireless infrastructure (i.e., cell sites) Wireless smartphones are being oversold Because wireless is more profitable Wireless unregulated—phone company spin-off ventures Cable unregulated—unlimited consolidation (mergers & acquisitions) Wireless not a substitute for wires Wireless is an ancillary service—mobility at the end of the wire Push by phone companies to decommission landlines Divert the fiber money to support cell sites instead Force customers onto proprietary wireless networks.
We Do Not Consent to 5G
Safe Tech International

We Do Not Consent to 5G

5G wireless technology is being deployed globally both on Earth and in Space without most people’s understanding of the harms and without informed public consent. 5G We Do Not Consent includes footage of people from around the world stating why they do not consent to 5G. The video is concise (15 min.), but both informative and inspiring. We hope you enjoy it and will share widely so our message reverberates throughout the world: We do NOT consent to 5G on Earth and in Space. For further information about why to say NO to 5G, please visit the website, where you will find coverage and resources on the many and multifaceted downsides of 5G which include: Harms to health and wildlife, loss of privacy and autonomy, threats to our cyber security, increased energy consumption, effects on our brains and humanity, E-waste, conflict minerals, lack of resiliency, and liability as no insurance company wants to risk underwriting harms from wireless radiation. You can also learn more about the benefits of safer, faster, more reliable and energy efficient wired technologies. If you agree with the following 5G Declaration, please join the growing movement of people around the world working to stop 5G at the local, national, or international levels. STOP 5G INTERNATIONAL DECLARATION We envision and seek to ensure a world where 5G, 6G or any other “G” is replaced by safe technology that has undergone scrutiny to ensure the health and well-being of all life on the planet. We envision and seek to ensure a world where respect for life takes precedence over corporate self-gain. We envision and seek to ensure a world where people are connected face-to-face and heart-to-heart, and not consumed by ubiquitous virtual connectivity. We envision and seek to ensure a world where the increasingly frenetic pace of hyper-connectivity is slowed down so we can once again connect to our own humanity. We envision and seek to ensure a world where the pursuit of “faster”, “bigger” and “more” is replaced by contentment with “just enough”. In short … a future that respects and protects all life on this planet. We call on all world Governments to heed the growing voice of scientists, medical doctors, engineers, and others who warn we must halt the “race to 5G” and consciously chart a wiser and safer course into the future. The next Global 5G Protest Day is planned for June 6th, 2020. Please visit, For further resources on the independent science showing adverse health impacts from wireless radiation, as well as effects on wildlife, bees and other pollinators, please see, Opening music from "In Friendship" album by Reza Ganjavi #Stop5G #5G